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A fresh beginning - a lovely new spring in Kangaroo Class!
A new school year has begun for Kangaroo class.  We are excited!  Our wonderful new students are having fun with their "big sisters" and one "big brother" and both teachers are happy with the good manners and attitude of all of the children.  We will continue to emphasize our classroom rules and kind behavior this month as our new students adjust to their new room, new friends, and new challenges. 

We had a busy first couple of days as our Kangaroo class learned a little about Easter.  We talked about this holiday and its traditions.  And the children had fun doing some Easter art and crafts.   Easter was Sunday, April 8th.  Our students each made an Easter basket, hunted for colorful Easter eggs (the eggs had a hidden treasure), and colored their own eggs traditional Easter colors. 

This season has finally changed to a beautiful spring, and our students will be learning about many bugs, plants, and flowers this month.   We are talking about many things that grow - inlcuding our students!  We have noted their height on our new growth wall chart and will keep track as they grow during the school year.  We will also have fun picnicking inside and outside our classroom this month. 

Spring is special, and it is especially beautiful in Japan.  The children will also learn about the gift of many cherry trees that Japan gave the the U.S.A. a very long time ago.  Kangaroo students will also make a lovely cherry blossom tree wall display for our classroom.  Spring has a new, fresh feeling about it and our new school year is off to an excellent beginning. 

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