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Busy September for Kangaroos

During the month of September it was a jam packed month for the Kangaroo class! The Kangaroos were learning about Zoo animals and Occupations and on top of their themed work they were practicing hard for their up and coming Sports Day on October 3rd!
 During their themed work, the Kangaroos thought long and hard about what their favourite zoo animal was and what zoo animal they didn’t like, they learnt some new animal names and loved watching the video clip of Robert Irwin giving a tour of an Australian zoo.
When finishing the topic on zoo animals, they randomly picked a zoo animal from a hat and made a Zoo Animal Fact File full of interesting facts and containing lots of colourful pictures, they particularly enjoyed learning about how long each animal would live.

Moving away from Zoo Animals, for the final week we focused on Occupations. The Kangaroos attempted some Role Play for the first time, pretending to be police officers and firemen, they were also asked to think about what Occupation they might want to do in the future. Being a policeman, doctor and working in Disney Land as a Princess were very popular amongst the students.

During this month we had lots of discussions as a class, but we also had a lot of reading and writing. The Joeys revisited phonics and continued reading the Oxford Reading Tree Stage 1 and the Big Kangaroos focused on their sentence structures and their Oxford Reading Tree Stages 2-4.
All of the Kangaroos also began computer sessions every Tuesday and Thursday which they absolutely love. In the month of October we added a third day (Wednesday) for computers due to the children both thoroughly enjoying it and because of how much the sessions benefit them with their English Language skills and ICT skills.
For the classroom Art and Craft we originally made Elmer the Elephant collages. The rest of the month was then consumed with Sports Day Practice every afternoon! When Sports Day did arrive, the weather was touch and go, however we decided to take the plunge and have faith in the weather man, the kids did so well on the day, they should all be very proud!!
For the beginning of October our class theme was about the Season of Autumn, leading in to the Halloween theme. We focused a lot on the book The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson, which is a great book to keep children entertained. All of the Kangaroos were able to talk about the book and sequence the story, they even wrote and drew about their favourite part, the pictures were all fantastic.

A new song that they learnt is called “When Goldilocks went to the House of the Bears”, it was very popular amongst the majority of the children. It was a busy but successful month, well done Kangaroos.
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