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Fire Station

Hello Everyone,


Today the Kangaroo Class visited Okayama West Fire Station.


It was the first warm and rainy day of the wet season.


For safety reasons, the students and staff wore raincoats.


At 9:00  we walked from ISOE to Bizen Mikado station.


Everyone was very excited to catch the train at 9:30.


But the ride only lasted 3 minutes.


We ate our snack at Daianji Train Station
and walked 1.4km to the fire station.



All of the students saw many interesting things
along the way.


At the Fire station we were shown the different vehicles.


Everyone, including staff K, sat in the big red fire engine.


Some students tried on a uniform and then we received a gift from the fire station.


The bigger kangaroos walked back to Daianji Train Station while the others got a ride.


The students I walked with stopped and
looked at the tadpoles in the rice  field.


Everyone enjoyed the day despite the very wet weather.


Stay Dry Everyone!!!


Staff M

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