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Trick or Treat Trip to a local Cake Shop - Halloween Fun for the Kangaroo class!

 As part of our special activity for Halloween Day, our Kangaroo class walked to a local cake shop.  It was fun!  And great exercise, too.  This photo shows them walking correctly while holding hands with their partner. 

The children had a lot of fun wearing their Halloween costumes, saying hello to the people we met along the way (in English and Japanese!), and of course eating the yummy cake treats that we got at the cake shop.   They all said, "Trick or Treat!" at the shop and received their Halloween sweets. 

This was a warm day and it was a long walk, but our children did a great job.   They walked carefully and listened to the teachers.  I was very pleased that they remembered how to look and walk safely along the street - just like the police officers taught them a couple of weeks ago. 

We had a rest stop on the way back and enjoyed the cake treats then, along with a drink. 

Our Kangaroo students showed nice, polite behavior and manners.  I was proud of them.  They charmed everyone who saw them walking to and from the cake shop.  Many people said hello, and the sight of our students in their cute costumes made many people smile that day - including their teachers!  

A great time was had by everyone.  I think they have good memories of this Halloween - the many fun activities we did in class and also this special walking trip.    

Here is a photo of our class enjoying their cake treats during our rest stop on the way back to ISOE.  

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